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The Roland Profile Center is a one-stop site for obtaining media profiles for your Roland printer. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to find VersaWorks profiles, so you can produce the highest quality output from your Roland inkjet. This website is designed to connect you with the major manufacturers that have created VersaWorks profiles for their respective media.

Simply download a profile for the selected media, import it into VersaWorks and start printing. It’s that easy!

Please be informed that most of the media profiles posted within the library will be supplied by media manufacturers other than Roland. With this in mind, and because Roland can only test, endorse and guarantee its own profiles, users are encouraged to test any profiles selected from the library before printing to ensure satisfaction.

Roland encourages all media manufacturers to participate in this program. If you are a media manufacturer and you would like to receive more information, please e-mail your request to rxpress@rolanddga.com.