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Need help? Below are a few of our support resources. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please e-mail us at rxpress@rolanddga.com.

What are profiles?
Profiles are designed to optimize the performance of the printer and media combination. Profiles tell your printer to lay down the right amount of ink, at the right speed to help ensure the best possible print quality. Profiles should be considered a starting point for your preferred quality level of output. To learn more about creating your own custom profiles, please visit our Roland Academy Webinar Archive. We have several webinars that teach you how to get the most out of a profile as well as, what tools are needed to create a custom profile.

How do I import profiles into VersaWorks®?
Click here to watch a video on how to import profiles from the Roland Profile Center into VersaWorks.
Click here to read a PDF on how to import profiles from the Roland Profile Center into VersaWorks.

How do I request that a profile be made?
Can’t find the profile you’re looking for? Simply click on this link and we’ll let the manufacturer know that you’re in need of a profile for that particular media.

I’m having a technical issue. Whom should I contact?
We recommend you review this Troubleshooting Guide to help diagnose your issue. If you’re still having problems, please contact our Product Support team. After entering your serial number, you will be given different options on how you would like to communicate with the support team.

My printer isn’t listed in the search for profiles. Where are the profiles for my printer?
The Roland Profile Center only lists profiles for current and recently discontinued Roland printers. To see a list of current printers, please visit our Roland Care webpage. If your printer is not listed then it’s possible that it is not a current device or no profiles were created for that printer.

Will profiles for Roland branded media still be available in the VersaWorks updater?
Starting March 2015, profiles for Roland-branded media will only be available in the Roland Profile Center. Future Roland VersaWorks updates will not include any Roland-branded media profiles.

Does Roland offer a guarantee on the profiles for the media listed in the Roland Profile Center?
Most of the media profiles posted within the profile center will be supplied by media manufacturers other than Roland. Because Roland can only test, endorse and guarantee its own profiles, users are encouraged to test any profiles selected from the website before printing to ensure satisfaction. Roland will not warranty media other than Roland-branded media. For your convenience here is a link to review the Roland Profile Center’s Terms of Use.

What are the benefits of the Roland Profile Center?
There are several benefits to using the Roland Profile Center. The website is a central location to search for profiles for your Roland printer. It saves you time from having to search for profiles on multiple websites. Another benefit of using the Roland Profile Center is that each print mode for a profile is listed separately in the search results (i.e. 540x720, 720x720, 1440x1440, etc.) so you can easily see which print resolutions are available for a profile. Upon download you will still have access to the other print modes for that media profile in VersaWorks regardless if you download a single profile from the search results or multiple.

Support Documents

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